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As a digital marketing agency and creative consultancy in Kenya, we understand that every business has varying immediate needs. However, all  businesses are united by the common goal to grow. We help Kenya’s new generation of business owners grow their brands online. We offer digital marketing training, digital marketing support, social media management, brand management, graphic design, web design and business courses customised for the Kenyan market. 

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Branding, contrary to popular belief, is not just logo design. A brand is what customers feel about your business/company/organisation etc. As such, TAG Creative specialises in helping you mould that feeling that customers have regarding your products or service. How do we achieve this?

That’s where all the tid-bits come in and we do it all. Be it a logo, a business card, a menu, a website, an event poster, a brochure, a product package or a publication; we ensure we deliver professional, aesthetic and functional works to our clients that don’t just look good but also build your brand to best achieve your business/organisational goals.

Digital Marketing is a necessity for your Kenyan business. It’s an investment – not a cost.

In today’s world, ignoring digital marketing is like opting to walk when you have a fully fueled and functional car.

In the past, sales people held all the cards. If you wanted information about a product or service, customers had to talk to a salesperson. Or take the time and effort to visit a business’ physical location or shop.

Today, that’s no longer the case. It’s MARKETING that walks people through the majority of the sales process. Customers these days go online to find your website, check your social media pages to see what you have to offer and work their way through buying process. If they don’t like what they see, goodbye! They’ll simply they move onto the next company.

And if you try to sell to them before they’re ready; they’ll write you off! People will only buy from you if they like, trust and know you. And that takes time, consistency & a strong digital marketing strategy. If you don’t adapt to the way modern customers are buying, your business will struggle to grow. Worse, your competitors will take over- and that’s the last thing anyone wants.

If you’re using old, traditional marketing and sales strategies, you’re likely not doing yourself or your business a favor.

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