10 social media statistics all business owners in Kenya should know.

October 18, 2021 10 social media statistics all business owners in Kenya should know.

by Freddie Ngunju

Do you have a social media marketing strategy for your Kenyan business? How well is your business performing on social media? Are you creating content for your social media audience consistently? As business owner in Kenya, you absolutely need to use social media. It is your ally and the best tool you have at your disposal if you want your business grow and succeed.

While social media has long been a cornerstone of marketing, the pandemic has increased usage among customers, which makes it even more important for business owners in Kenya to devote more time and resources to their social media. By carefully creating a strong social media marketing strategy, you can gain followers that you can convert to buyers for your business.


Social media stat #1.

74% of customers rely on social media to guide their purchasing decisions. However, you need more than simply a social media presence to help grow your business. For you to really see success on social media, you need an overall strategy to reach your goals. That’s the only way social media can be a cornerstone of your marketing.


Social media stat #2.

Social media is more important than ever. Don’t believe it? 60% of people have increased their social media use since the beginning of the COVID-19 pandemic, and 86% expect to maintain their current level of use.


Social media stat #3.

Customers want to feel like they have a relationship with a brand. As many as 53% of customers say they are likely to buy from brands that are transparent on social media.

Social media stat #4.

Behind-the-scenes posts are great to share on Instagram Stories and Facebook Stories, which are posts that are visible for 24 hours. In a Facebook survey, 62% of respondents said that they have become more interested in a brand or product after seeing it in Facebook and Instagram Stories.

Social media stat #5.

Stop only posting pictures of your products for sale. Instead, educate your followers by creating posts that help customers see why they need your product and how they can get more use from it. That’s because 54% of social browsers use social media to research products and services.


Social media stat #6.

Videos work great for marketing your small business on social media. Videos are easy to share on Facebook, Twitter, and YouTube. So much so that 67% of consumers consider video to be the most transparent type of social media posts.

Social media stat #7.

Small businesses often make the mistake of being too serious and businesslike on social media. However, 71% of consumers watch videos on social media to laugh. By using humor on social media, you can increase engagement with current customers and grow your follower count when people share your post with their friends.


Social media stat #8.

Customers appreciate brands showing their authentic and human side. 86% of consumers say authenticity influences which brands they like and support. What does this mean? Your brand can no longer be faceless! Creating high quality content on a social media platform such as TikTok is a great way to make your followers laugh with funny musical parodies. With many people other than Gen Z now on TikTok, brands that target buyers in different generations may want to consider posting on the platform — for boosting sales, education and comic relief.


Social media stat #9.

With 37% of customers saying that social media is one of their biggest sources of inspiration for purchasing, promotional posts should definitely be part of your social media strategy. These types of posts should only make up a small portion of your posts. As a rule of thumb, 80% of your content should be high value content that entertains, educates, inspires, or informs while the remaining 20% should be promotional.



Social media stat #10.

Mobile shopping is the future. 45% of people increased the number of purchases made from a mobile device since the COVID-19 pandemic began. So as a business owner, you must make sure that your posts are optimized for mobile and that products are actually easy to purchase.


Wrapping up.

Serious about attracting more customers on social media ? Having trouble consistently creating content that sells? Let’s talk about your digital marketing strategy. 


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