By Freddie Ngunju.

Image demonstrating how social media funnels help to convert your social media followers into customers.
To sell online, all you need is a good social media funnel.

Is your Kenyan Online business struggling to make turn your social media followers into customers?

More and more Kenyan online businesses are starting to realize the value of being online. The pandemic has made it very clear that if your Kenyan business is not online, then you might as well pack up and leave.

Social media channels such as Instagram and Facebook, which is where the majority of Kenyan businesses operate, boast millions of active users with all kinds of interests that span across an array of industries from beauty and fashion to accounting and crafting.

No matter what you sell in Kenya, I can almost guarantee that you will find your target customers on Facebook, Instagram, Tik Tok, Pinterest, or any other social media platform of choice.

The only problem is that once most Kenyan business owners finish setting up their social media pages, they wait for customers to start rolling in automatically. And this seldom happens. That’s because these business owners never have a plan in place for converting the social media followers they’ve gained into customers.


This is a depiction of a social media funnel. A social media funnel helps Kenyan businesses convert social media followers into customers.
This is how a social media funnel helps you to convert your social media followers into customers.

It doesn’t matter what you’re selling, baby clothes, brand new cars, luxury watches; to move any products or services on social media, then you need a sales process. Your sales process should cover how you intend to take convince your follower to go from a complete stranger to trusting you enough to give you their hard-earned money.

A sales process gets a follower from point A to point B. A, in this case, is when a customer first comes into contact with your brand and B is when they decide to buy anything from you. From experience, the most effective way for Kenyan businesses to move their customers from point A to point B is with a social media sales funnel.


If you are wondering what a sales funnel is, it is exactly what it sounds like. It’s simply a way for you to envision the different stages that your customers go through before they purchase from you. It will make sense once I start explaining this to you clearly so let’s just dive in, shall we?

A social media sales funnel is the only thing you need to convert social media followers into customers. A social media sales funnel is one of the most effective digital marketing tactics in Kenya.
A step breakdown of how a social media sales funnel helps you to convert social media followers into customers.


I want you to imagine a funnel.

At the very top of your social media funnel are your followers. At the top of the sales funnel, it is said that customers are at the awareness stage. Customers at the awareness stage know nothing about your brand, your products, or services. These are people that have followed you on social media for the first time.

At the top of your sales funnel, you want to fill your funnel with as many of your target customers as possible. The more target customers you put at the top of your funnel, the more people you are likely to convert or get to take the desired action whether that is buying now or downloading your freebie, lead magnet or opt-in.

The average conversion rate for the top of the funnel across all industries and online traffic sources is usually around 3%. The conversion rate refers to the percentage of followers who will take action by visiting your website or social media pages to buy or take some other desired action such as download your lead magnet.

To make it easy to understand, let’s think of a conversation as an online sale that your business makes.

If you can get 100 people to click over to your website or landing page from an Instagram advert, then on average, based on the standard average conversion rate, you can expect at least 3 people to buy something.  If 100,000 people click, then you can expect to generate at least 3,000 sales at an average conversion rate of 3%.

So as you can see, it is extremely important to fill the top of your funnel with the right customers; people that need your products or services. The more target customers you have following you on your various social media platforms, the more people you can entice to click over to your website or send you a DM or Whatsapp message.

That’s why when you are attempting to grow your social media following, it is always recommended that you create content that your target customers will gravitate towards. You cannot fill the top of your social media funnel with just anybody and everybody and expect to make sales. That’s not how it works and that’s where I see a lot of Kenyan business owners make mistakes.

A lot of online business owners tend to boost posts with no real objective in mind. Usually, their motivation to keep boosting is to attract as many followers as possible. Having 5,000 followers on your Instagram page may seem nice and appealing at first, but that’s only a vanity metric. Vanity metrics like a huge follower count may convince some people to buy, but it’s not enough to get your target customers to purchase from you.

Converting your social media followers into customers starts at the top of the funnel (TOFU).

Another big mistake that I see Kenyan business owners make at the top of their social media sales funnel is buying followers. What’s the point? Those followers are never going to buy. They will never send you DM to inquire; they’re basically useless. As such, if you really want your Kenyan business to succeed online, then it is wiser and better to invest your time and money into growing your social media following with real customers; real people.

What can a Kenyan online business do to attract the right followers to their social media business page?

A lead magnet will help Kenyan businesses online to attract social media likes thumb up, and smiles so they can be converted to customers. Vector artwork illustration depicts the concept of social media attraction, likes, hype, viral and the Internet technology.
A lead magnet to attract social media followers that then become customers.

The best way to attract the right followers to one’s social media business page is with a well-planned content marketing strategy. Content marketing is by far the best way to attract real customers to your Kenyan business. You can this information to the bank!


The middle of the funnel is also called the customer consideration stage. At this stage of the funnel, your social media followers know a bit about your products or services, but they need a little more convincing before they can become buying customers. The middle of the sales funnel is where you do everything possible to stand out from your competition.

At the consideration stage, your followers and soon-to-be customers are looking for more specific information that lets them decide whether your business is the right fit or not. At the consideration stage, your followers are actively researching why your online business in Kenya is a better option compared to the competition.

The middle of the funnel is where you are most likely to trigger your follower to take action. As such, at this stage, you have to do everything possible to provide your customer with the information that they will need to convince them to become buyers, which is where your engagement comes in.

Your social media engagement rate matters the most at the middle of the funnel.

While getting people into your funnel and growing your following is nice, it is only the first step in your social media sales process. After you get them to your socials, you have to go out of your way to engage with them so that you can demonstrate to them why you are the most trustworthy choice to work with out of all the other options available.

As your social media business page keeps growing, you will need to ensure that your engagement rate keeps growing as well.  What’s your engagement rate?  This refers to the percentage of active followers that take the time to like and comment on your posts.

There are simple things that you can do to improve your engagement rate on social media:

  1. Boost your engagement rate by posting high-quality photos and videos of your products. The higher the quality of your posts, the more people are likely to engage with them.
  2. Another great way to boost your engagement on social media is by replying to your followers’ comments; especially if the comments are questions they’ve asked.
  3. One last, but certainly not least, engagement tactic is adding CTAs or Call To Actions at the end of all your social media caption.


You convert social media followers into buyers at the last stage of the sales funnel.

At the bottom of the funnel is where all your sales are. This is referred to as the customer conversion stage; where you get your followers to finally take action and make a purchase.

The bottom of the funnel is where your ideal customers are. These are people that have followed your account for a while and they are the people that are most likely to purchase from you. If you’ve nurtured your sales funnel well, customers at the bottom of the funnel should be receptive to being sold to.

Since the people at the bottom of your sales funnel are ones that have expressed a strong desire to invest in your brand and offerings, they are usually the first ones to jump on flash sales and discount offers. They are also the first ones to download or access any freebie or lead magnet that you may have.

Putting everything together for your Kenyan online business.

Now that you have a general idea of how social media sales funnels work, the next important thing that you need to do is make an action plan. It doesn’t matter if you currently have 100 followers or 10,000. The first step as you’ve seen in converting followers into buyers is to create a sales funnel that they can go through.

You want to fill the top of your funnel with as many new, targeted followers as you can each day and then progressively move them down the funnel using content, engagement, and strong irresistible offers, and lead magnets.

As you’ve noticed, each stage of the funnel naturally leads itself to the next stage until you finally get your sale or conversion. If social media is an important part of your Kenyan business’s digital marketing strategy, you should incorporate content that caters to your customers through each stage of the funnel.

When every section of the social media sales funnel works together in unison towards the specific goal of asking for the sale from your customer, friction in the customer’s journey is reduced and it helps you build trust with your audience while raising awareness for your Kenyan business.

Are you struggling to convince your social media followers to buy from you? Talk to us about the next Business Booster Training for Kenyan Business owners here.

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