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Facebook Advertising for Real Estate Agents: Learn how to Scale Your Real Estate Business with Facebook Ads.


Learn how agents, brokers, land sellers and property management companies are reaching buyers, investors & people who are looking for their next home, land, or property with Facebook ads. 

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Take advantage of this online training workshop, led by the #1 eCommerce agency in Kenya and unlock the power of Facebook's Ad platform.

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Promote your real estate business with Facebook ads.

Facebook is one of the most effective platforms for real estate advertisement. With over 13 million Facebook users in Kenya, the social media platform represents a unique advertising opportunity for real estate professionals. Compared to regular methods of marketing like TV, billboards, etc, Facebook ads are really effective for driving large amounts of traffic to your site, or directly to your email or WhatsApp, and you don’t even need a big ad budget to do it. But Facebook ad targeting can be overwhelming, and the difference between a money-making ad and a money-burning ad is sometimes just a few small details. The good news is that anyone can fuel their business growth with Facebook Ads as long as they’re willing to learn the basics. Stop learning through trial and error. Sign up for this online training course and learn actionable Facebook and Instagram ads know-how you can apply right away.

Why learn from us?

Who better to learn from than the number 1 eCommerce agency in Kenya?

As an award-winning eCommerce agency, we’ve spent thousands on Facebook ads (for our agency and on behalf of our clients) and we’ve learned what works and what doesn’t.

All of the lessons in this training course are delivered by experienced social media advertising practitioners and are focused on the practical skills you can utilize straight away. As Facebook owns Instagram, this training will cover both platforms, ensuring you know best practices on how to create ads that convert.


This is the only real estate Facebook ads training course that has been customized to the Kenyan market. You will not get this type of comprehensive training anywhere else!

What will you learn in this online training?

DAY 1:

1. How to set up your Meta Business Suite.
2. Learn how to set up a Facebook ad account Learn how to set up Facebook conversion tracking (Facebook pixel and Facebook events). 3.

DAY 2:

How to create high-converting Facebook Ad Creatives as taught by a professional graphic designer.

DAY 3:

Learn how to create your first Facebook ad campaign from scratch. Here, you will learn how to create ads and ensure that they are seen by the right people. Learn:

How to create Real Estate ads that target people who are located in or near your rental, land, or property.

How to find land buyers and investors with Facebook ads.

How to find apartment rental leads.

How to target people interested in gated communities/homes.

How to find first-time home buyers, homeowners, and renters with your ads...and so much more!

This is the only training course that will teach you how to target your ads properly so that you can avoid wasting money running ads on audiences that will never convert.

Here is what other business owners have to say about the Business Booster Academy....

Started this course with limited knowledge of FB ads but now I feel confident enough to create ads campaign on my own. I have already started to work on a campaign for my current employer and hope to start my own side business soon. Lectures are simple and easy to follow. Tosh and Fredy do a good job and I will definitely be back for other trainings of theirs.
John Nyokabi.
This will be the best investment you ever make, not only in your business but also in yourself. Your revenue will grow, your confidence will grow, and you’ll just become more confident when creating those pesky ads. I used to sweat a lot everytime I have to think about ads!
John Nyokabi.
It's the perfect course! I really love it! 3 days and you’re done! It's really detailed and well put together and I can't wait to put into practice what I learned. This course really opened my mind about Facebook Ads and social media marketing.
Vee's Aprons.
So far, I am loving this course. I am on lecture 3 and I've learned a lot about Facebook. I have been using Facebook for years and was blown away of the hidden knowledge about this platform! Great Value so far!
Vee's Aprons.
There is definitely A LOT of quality information in this course. I've been through this course multiple times within the last 2 weeks. I've been taking notes, and when I need to refer back to something I just log in and go through the lesson again. I tell you, if we had such training in campus, I’d be so far in life hehe. Thanks Tag. This is fantastic! Definitely recommend!
Cylia Kathambi
CEO, Ekar Communications
If you're new to FB & FB Ads this is a fantastic course. Great content and delivery. Value for money. This is great because I feel like most of the workplace training, we’ve been exposed to withhold information! So Kudos team Tag.
Cylia Kathambi
CEO, Ekar Communications

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Set yourself apart in the real estate industry by learning how to create Facebook and Instagram ads.

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